To track your journey you can choose among three options: use the Cycling365 App on your smartphone, input manually data about your yourneys on the website, import a .gpx file with your journey created with another GPS tracking system.

Track your trips with Cycling365 App on your smartphone

Download the free Cycling365 app on your smartphone, log in and track your trips every time you use your bicycle as a means of transportation. 

It's available for Android, iOS  and WindowsPhone

Google play AppStore WindowPhone

Download User Manual for AndroidiOS and WindowsPhone.


Upload a .gpx file.

Log in to, go to the section "My Tracks" (1) and click on the "Upload .gpx file" button (2)

Change the date and the time if needed (3) and click on the (4) "Save" button

You can upload multiple .gpx file simultaneously, just selecting all files you need at the same time.

NOTE: It is possible to upload up to 8 .gpx per day.


Insert a track manually.

Log in to, go to the section "My Tracks" (1) and click on "Insert track manually" button (2)

Insert the date (3), the starting time (4) and the travel time (5). 

Draw the track on the map (6). 

Keep shift key pressed to draw freely.

Use (7) the "Clear" button if you want to delete all the track or the "Undo" button if you want to delete the last point.

Click the "Save" button (8).