To track your journey you can choose among three options: use the Naviki App on your smartphone, input manually data about your yourneys on the website, import a .gpx file with your journey created with another GPS tracking system.

Track your trips with Naviki App on your smartphone

Download the free Naviki app on your smartphone, log in and track your trips every time you use your bicycle as a means of transportation. 




Upload a .gpx file.

Log in to, go to the section "Upload Route" (1)

Select the gpx (2), set the date and the time (3) and click on the (4) "Save" button

NOTE: It is possible to upload up to 6 .gpx per day.


Insert a track manually.

To insert manually a trip, you have to draw it, download as gpx then import the gpx again.

Then, follow instructions Upload a .gpx file.