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Karlskrona – Bicycle in a world heritage

Drop anchor and experience a world heritage on two wheels!

The swedish southeast town was founded in 1680 when Karl XI decided to establish the new naval base here. More than 300 years later the naval base is still here in Karlskrona- the town where old meets new and tradition meets innovation. Elegant churches, grand squares, boulevards and historic fortifications draw visitors from around the world. Karlskrona has an easy accessed archipelago which is also popular by cyclists, some say it’s northern Europes’ Venice.

65 380 people live in Karlskrona. The city center is situated on an island which is easiest accessed by a wide high capacity road. The municipality faces a lot of interesting challenges, increasing the number of people riding bikes to work and school as one of them.

This naval base is an important employer. Other companies are Ericsson AB, Saab Kockums, Telenor and ABB High Voltage Cables. Karlskrona is also connected to Gdynia, Poland, by ferry which is a great opportunity for both merchant and tourist reasons.

Karlskrona participates in European Cycling Challenge for the first time in 2016.