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Louviers is a French town located in the department of Eure in Normandy.
Louviers is the center town of the Seine-Eure metropolitan area with 70,000 inhabitants spread over 37 municipalities (in 2017). A territory particularly dynamic in economic terms, the Agglomeration is home to 16 business areas. It is the second largest employment center in the Eure department with 26,000 jobs, 37% of which are industrial and 57.7% are tertiary. 

Seine-Eure has many competences: economic development, city policy, water and sanitation, roads, transport, public cleanliness, housing, spatial planning and urban planning, tourism, environment and natural environments, decentralized cooperation , Agenda 21,
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Built on the banks of a river, the Eure, Louviers has always managed to take advantage of its natural heritage: water. Thanks to it, the textile industry has developed over the centuries.
The renown of the sheets of Louviers - fine sheets - will have moreover exceeded its borders.
The city of Louviers now has 22 schools and 4 crèches. It is home to many sporting, cultural and leisure facilities for all generations: a museum, an aquatic complex, three sports stadiums, a skating rink, a bowling alley, a digital cinema, several auditoriums, a media
library, a music school ...
The Notre-Dame church, a listed building since the 19th century, is the main religious building built between the 13th and 16th centuries. It has the particularity of juxtaposing different styles ... and this is what makes it especially its richness.
The city of Louviers works to "better live" its inhabitants by acting, with the Agglomeration Seine-Eure, on the environmental aspects.

Gentle (bike) modes of travel are growing.
Additional cycle paths are being built.
Louviers today has 18,916 inhabitants.