Mersin Metropolitan Area

Mersin Metropolitan Area

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Mersin Metropolitan Area

A single harbor with many alternatives: Mersin

Mersin (Türkiye), the rising star of world tourism, is set on a long cost at the eastern end of the Mediterranean.  The sun shines for 300 days a year in Mersin, hence in the ancient world the city was called “Solipompeopolis” meaning “Sun City”. Due to its geographical position and temperate climate, the city has been a significant transit point between Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Refresh yourself in Mersin

1.6 million people living in Mersin welcome their guests from all over the world with orange blossoms. As an important place for the production of citrus fruits, fresh vegetables, and table grapes and thanks to its marvelous beaches along the coastline of 321 km, Mersin offers its guests the opportunity to refresh themselves.

A starting point to discover the Ancient World

The first settlement in Mersin, which is known as Cilicia in ancient times, dates as far back as to the New Stone Age. It is one of the important ports of the Mediterranean and the center of maritime commerce just as it was during ancient times. As a settlement of dominant powers since Neolithic Period, Mersin hosts many archaeological and historical monuments remaining from Chalcolithic, Hittite, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations. Therefore, many important figures in the history of civilization, such as Alexander the Great, Saint Paul, Cleopatra, Aya Thecla, Prophet Daniel, lived in this area and changed the course of history.

Land of Legends and Destination of Belief Tourism

Built around 50 B.C., the Aya Thecla Church (65 km. from Mersin) is a unique place with its legends which have become a part of the cultural heritage. Today, Thecla is recognized as a saint throughout the world by Catholic and Orthodox Churches.

The Seven Sleepers Cave (Eshab-ı Kehf) in Tarsus is considered by many religions to be a sacred place. The Seven Sleepers who had converted to Christianity, sought refuge in a cave to escape the repression and in this cave, the seven young believers “slept” for 309 years. Another important tourist attraction of Mersin is Maiden’s Castle. The castle is famous for the story behind its construction. According to the legend, a king had the castle built in the middle of the sea to protect his daughter from her tragic destiny.

Tarsus (25 km. from Mersin) is among the places from where Christianity first spread. Saint Paul, one of the leading figures of Christianity is believed to have had St. Paul’s Church constructed first as a cathedral at Tarsus city center in 1102. Tomb of Prophet Daniel is also located in Mersin. 

Mersin offers different alternatives 

Mersin is a gateway to Zeugma Mosaics (350 km. from Mersin), to the Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia (291 km.) and to St. Pierre Church which is one of the oldest churches of the Christian world (274 km.).

The region does not only offer its guests historical sites, but it is also an attractive destination thanks to its Mediterranean climate and natural beauties. Mersin offers unforgettable experiences such as rafting and bird watching at Göksu River, hiking at Taurus Mountains, swimming by historical structures, tasting authentic flavors and enjoying modern shopping centers.

Mersin: the logistic base of the East Mediterranean

Mersin benefits from the natural advantages of its geographical location for maritime trade and acquires an important place not only in the Mediterranean but also in the international logistic sector. Thanks to the large hinterland surrounding the city and the rich commercial sources, “Mersin Logistics Base Project” has been developed.

Mersin Port is the major container port in the East Mediterranean gate of Turkey and is the gateway to the entire Eastern Mediterranean, Anatolia, Middle East, Iran, and Central Asia. Mersin Port has advantageous opportunities owing to its proximity to Mersin Free Trade Zone, rail link, strong truck fleet, its past logistics culture and advanced human resources structure.


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