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Nantes Métropole
Nantes Métropole likes bicycle, and it's easy to see !

An increasing number of Nantes Métropole's inhabitants are getting on their bikes. Bikes currently account for 6% of journeys made within Nantes' boulevards and 3% of journeys across the entire city. Nantes Métropole is keen to fuel this change with its second Bike Plan and reach 12% of journeys by bike in 2030. To achieve this, several initiatives are being implemented in the run-up to 2020.

A second, bold Bike Plan

The first Bike Plan provided a means of carrying out numerous developments such as the two key north/south and east/west bicycle routes providing safe access to the centre of the conurbation. The development of bicycle parking and rental services also helped cycling to take root as a means of transport in its own right.

The second Bike Plan (2015-2020) is just as bold! Endowed with €50 million, its initiative-based programme is based on the entire conurbation. It is hinged on several priorities :

- ensure the comfort and safety of cyclists, especially by pursuing the development of express routes and developing school-related eco-mobility;

- offer comprehensive and consistent services enabling everyone to embrace cycling in their own way: bikes available on a self-service basis, for medium- or long-term rental, with secure parking;

- enable everyone to own a bike, with various financial assistance schemes, even for professionals looking to use bikes for their work

Cycling in Nantes in figures

500km of cycle paths and lanes

6,500 bike stands

1,246 sheltered bike parking spaces

918 spaces in Vélo-parc bike parking areas