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Södertälje is no ordinary Swedish city. Far from it. Since time immemorial, Södertälje has been an important trading place, a hub where city meets countryside, where motorways intersect railways, where global companies meet small businesses. People come here from all over the world to create a future for themselves. 

Further, the city is developing. The population is growing, and the city and the infrastructure needs to adjust accordingly. Also the municipality is widespread, with one city centre, and several city cores in the rural areas, such as Enhörna, Järna, Hölö and Mölnbo. 

The municipality strives to be a fossil fuel free municipality by 2030. We believe that the cycling challenge will help us in striving towards our goals, pinpoint our weaknesses and highlight our strengths. 

Since 2013 we are counting how many bicycles that are travelling through the city centre and we have recently placed signs with directions and distances in order to facilitate for cyclists. Further, we have created a cycling map and we are planning to develop Södertälje further to be a cycling-friendly city. 

It is an honour for us to compete with such prominent cycling-cities and we hope that we will learn a lot in order to improve our city.