Glasgow City Region

Glasgow City Region

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Glasgow City Region

This year the challenge includes the immediate area outside the city of Glasgow to include the neighbouring municipalities in the Clyde Valley area collectively known as Glasgow City Region. This should help encourage more cycling and include multimodal journeys helping get more people out on their bikes.

Across the area has seen a huge growth in its citizen’s love of cycling, with many who work in the city travelling by bike.

Types of cycle route provision is varied and includes: segregated cycle ways, on road facilities designated via lining, signed routes on quiet roads or through its parks and shared surfaces provided for pedestrians and cyclists. With a focus in promoting health and sustainable transport, cycling is the natural choice.

In the city centre there is a cycle hire scheme, run by Next Bike. With 43 stations and 420 hire bikes located at transport hubs, it’s the easy way to get to destinations across the city and visit tourist attractions, and cultural and educational centres across the city.

The climate of the Clyde Valley is similar to most northern European towns and cities, the people are friendly, the architecture stunning and the surrounding countryside beautiful.

Whatever your reason to come to Glasgow, you’ll enjoy it even more getting around by bike. Further information on the challenge for the Glasgow City Region can be found here: